Mesa Community College Fire Science and Paramedic Building Remodel

Project Manager

Steve Crane


Mike Kuhl


Fore Dimensions


Mesa, AZ

Square Footage


Delivery Method

Maricopa County Community College District – Job Order Contracting



Completion Date

June 2011

The Mesa Community College Fire Science & Paramedic Simulation Lab was a unique project we were pleased to deliver through the Maricopa County Community College District JOC. The Virtual Incident Command Center provided the most realistic and technologically advanced training for students studying to be future paramedics, fire fighters, and first responders. Through state-of-the-art customized virtual simulations, trainees were able to work through mimicked real life situations they would face in the field. The lab was located at the Mesa Community College Downtown Campus.
This adaptive re-use project consisted of renovating an existing private building into a new virtual training laboratory. Initially, the space was being used as a locker room, and had to be demoed. At the heart of this facility was a replica of a mobile command center, which was constructed of metal framing and drywall. The newly constructed command center was fitted on the front end with an actual fire engine cab equipped with the latest in fire science technology. Additionally, SD Crane Builders put the front end of a Ford Crew Cab F150 into the same 4th floor space to be used in this Virtual Training Laboratory. To be able to install the front end of the fire engine and the F150, SD Crane Builders had to remove a section of the exterior wall so that each front end could be craned into the space. Both front ends arrived on a flatbed truck and then were craned in one by one, the F150 first and the fire engine cab followed.
Again, as is standard with many of the JOC projects that SD Crane Builders has done, this facility was an active campus during the construction. Sharing the space at the same time were employees from the City of Mesa that used the first and second levels of the structure for parking. Safety is always the number one priority, especially when we work on an active jobsite with students, faculty, visitors, etc. This project finished on time and met the original budget.
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1901 E. University Dr. Suite 330
Mesa, AZ 85203

License #ROC175959