Ida Redbird Elementary School Kitchen Remodel

Project Manager

John Farley


Mike Kuhl


Dennis Umber and Associates


Mesa, AZ

Square Footage


Delivery Method

Mesa Public Schools – Job Order Contracting



Completion Date

August 2016

Ida Redbird Elementary School is part of the Mesa Public School District; an entity we have an established relationship with through our years of service and Job Order Contract. Over the summer of 2016, SD Crane Builders set out to remodel the elementary school kitchen from top to bottom.

The remodel began with a total demo of the interior of the kitchen including the flooring and slab. We removed and replaced all underground and above ground plumbing and installed a new grease interceptor. We installed new tile flooring through-out, new stainless steel wall panels, plus new millwork & solid surface counters.

The kitchen equipment was upgraded with new and used freezers, steamers, and ovens. We installed a new stand-alone cooler and new exhaust hood. Even the stainless steel sinks, counters, and shelving were replaced.

Next, we cut openings in the structural wall into the multi-purpose room for the installation of new stainless steel serving & point of sale automatic roll up doors. The ductwork was replaced, and we installed a new HVAC unit. Lastly, we installed new ceilings, lights, and fire alarm system. To ensure adequate power for all the new equipment, we updated all the electrical and IT for that area of the campus.

The entire remodel was performed during the off hours of summer to eliminate any interruption and was finished by the time school began in August.

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1901 E. University Dr. Suite 330
Mesa, AZ 85203

License #ROC175959