San Carlos Rice Campus Expansion

Project Manager

John Farley


Tom Adamcik


SPS + Architects


San Carlos, AZ

Square Footage


Delivery Method

Select Bid



Completion Date

August 2014

The San Carlos Unified School District found that the Rice campus had a population overflow and needed an expansion. SD Crane Builders submitted a bid for the Select Bid project and were proud to be awarded the work. While construction did proceed during school hours, the site was fenced off so the students and faculty experienced no interruptions.

Project Details

The main classroom building stood two stories tall with the top floor accommodating the 6th graders and the bottom floor housing the kindergarten classes. The specialty items on the first floor included a bathroom in each classroom and a separate area with rooms for special needs students. The second floor had a large open area with operable partitions that allowed flexibility to subdivide the space as needed. This building had two small hydraulic elevators on each end to accommodate wheelchair access. The Administration Building was located across a meticulously manicured courtyard and had a stunning entryway with high vaulted T & G stained wood ceilings. The entire campus had high security fencing and programmed access control for all access points on the campus as well as the new buildings. The buildings were completed just in time for the 2014/2015 school year to begin.
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1901 E. University Dr. Suite 330
Mesa, AZ 85203

License #ROC175959